Studio Ghibli Bread Artist Goes Viral With This Tasty Video

We've seen some strange fan art before. We've seen crossovers between universes, cosplays that bend genders, and nearly everything you can think of, but as of today, we have officially seen something new. Studio Ghibli has long been a purveyor of amazing animated movies, with such classics as Princess Mononoke and Howl's Moving Castle being only two of an ever growing library. One fan decided to express their love of My Neighbor Totoro through a completely unique canvass: bread.

Twitter User Izumickey0719 took his love of the Ghibli property and created a loaf of bread that looks like the giant cat-like creature both inside and out:

Studio Ghibli has been around since 1985, creating works of anime that have not only gained the animation studio financial success, but critical success as well. Spirited Away won the best animated feature Academy Award in 2003, and five of their films received nominations total. My Neighbor Totoro is one of its most recognizable properties as the creatures of this universe are instantly unique and manage to bring the movie to the forefront.

(Photo: Studio Ghibli)

My Neighbor Totoro follows a family attempting to deal with an illness affecting their mother. In order to be closer to her in the hospital, the family moves to a new location that happens to be afflicted by a number of magical creatures dubbed "Totoro". The large cat-like beings find affection for the children of the family and the new group of humans and monsters go on several adventures. Though the children eventually grow up once their mother recovers, and leave the Totoro behind, their adventures will live on throughout their lives.

Released in 1988, the film grossed $48 million USD worldwide and continues to be released in new formats for home release as the years pass. Studio Ghibli has managed to amass countless millions in its decades long existence and will hopefully make many more down the road.


Studio Ghibli isn't just satisfied with creating animation feature films, they're also dipping their toes into the theme park business. With production moving forward on the theme park in Japan, the different sections of the park will feature attractions based on several of Ghibli's properties. The park itself will open up in 2022, with additional attractions added later. If you've ever wanted to experience a real life version of Ghibli's magical worlds, this is most likely going to be your best bet.

Do you think that this "bread art" is too pretty to eat? What other anime would you like to see sculpted from food, Studio Ghibli or otherwise? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly to talk all things comics and anime.