'Super Dragon Ball Heroes' Miniseries Will Reportedly Continue into 2019

The promotional anime series based off of the Super Dragon Ball Heroes arcade game seems to be heading to a climax with its sixth episode, but new reports have surfaced indicating that it might go on even further than six episodes.

As noted by @GovetaXV on Twitter, the promotional anime series will reportedly not end with Episode 6 in December, but set up for more adventures in 2019.

The sixth episode of the promotional anime series seemed for all intents and purposes to be a full finale of the miniseries, as it intends to bring the Prison Planet arc to a climax with a battle between Super Fu, the Evil Saiyan Cumber, and Ultra Instinct Goku. But just as the arcade game of the series has continued beyond the Prison Planet arc, it seems the anime will do this as well.

Episode 6 of Super Dragon Ball Heroes' promotional anime series is titled "I'll Settle This!! Ultra Instinct Finally Goes Into Operation!" Officially gearing up for a release this December, the synopsis (as translated by @Herms98 on Twitter) reads as such "After an endless fierce battle, Ultra Instinct finally goes into operation. Amidst the crumbling Prison Planet, a final battle begins with everything on the line!"

If you're unaware of this arcade game, Super Dragon Ball Heroes is the latest digital card fighting game and the top earner in the digital card arcade scene in Japan. Developed by Dimps, the update brought enhanced graphics and the ability to play as seven characters at the same time and provides all sorts of fantastic fan-service never seen in the original series. Fans are hoping the game eventually makes its way to the West as well in some form.


For those curious about the promotional anime series based on the game, the fifth episode of Super Dragon Ball Heroes is currently live and is titled "The Mightiest Warrior! Super Saiyan 4 Vegito." The translated synopsis for the episode reads as such:

"As Goku and co. are in a jam, Goku Xeno and Vegeta Xeno come to their aid, having noticed the change in the Prison Planet. To counter Cumber's bottomless power, the two use the Potara to fuse! It's the explosive birth of the mightiest warrior!"