Super Dragon Ball Heroes Reveals New Godly Transformation

Super Dragon Ball Heroes is striding forward with its new season, and fans are already hooked on the new story. The promotional anime went live last month with a special and debut episode. In order to bring season two to life, the premiere had some big things to do, but fans are honing in on a new godly transformation which has made its way to the small screen.

For those who have not seen the episode, you will want to check it out. Super Dragon Ball Heroes got fans all excited when Chrona, the Supreme Kai of Time, hit up the screen. She was joined by her comrade Tokitoki, and it is the latter who showed off a new look when they tapped into their godly transformation.

In the same way Goku can transform into Super Saiyan God, Tokitoki can do the same. The bird might not be a Saiyan, but he is a Divine Bird. In the franchise, Tokitoki has been around for a long time, and he has shown off this power boost before. However, the Divine Bird is brand-new to the anime, and he decided to share his glow-up with audiences real quickly.

For those curious, the God transformation sees Tokitoki undergo a major makeover. The bird grows to a much larger size when Tokitoki takes on his makeover, and his face is given some new feathers. In fact, the wings on his feathers are even more colorful after this transformation, and it does look impressive. The golden transformation gives Tokitoki the strength to seal Chrona's foe Mechibikura. When the fight finished, Tokitoki was able to revert to his normal size, but fans of the anime know what the Divine Bird is capable of now.


What do you make of this makeover? Do you feel like Tokitoki could fit into the next generation of Pokemon with this evolution? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!