Sword Art Online May Have Registered a Website for a New Anime

Sword Art Online is one of anime's top series these days and for good reason. The show made its debut years ago with a premiere that helped put isekai anime on the map. Nowadays, the genre is all the rage with anime lovers worldwide, so there is a huge amount of love for Sword Art Online within the community. And thanks to a recent rumor, it sounds like a new anime may bee in the works for Kirito.

The alert comes from the user RanobeSugoi over on Twitter who noticed a very interesting fact about the anime. The user discovered a website domain name called SAO-P.NET has been registered. That name directly relates to an ongoing Sword Art Online series, and fans are thinking it will bee getting an anime next.

According to the domain registration info, the site was registered in Japan on August 18, 2020. The website was secured by Whois Privacy Protection Service, and fans think the company was asked to register the website to distance any studio from the rumored project. If this is all true, then Sword Art Online has been sitting on this new domain for nearly a month, so fans are curious as to what's up.

Given this domain name, fans believe Sword Art Online: Progressive will be the next anime tackled by the franchise. The light novel was made by creator Reki Kawahara to fill in blanks about the original Sword Art Online series. It retells the events of Aincrad, and rather than skipping over crucial details, this light novel tackles the dungeon level by level. There are currently six novels of Sword Art Online: Progressive, so an anime adaptation would not be out of the question here. And until the series' current anime ends, fans won't know how right or wrong this rumor really is.

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