The Boondocks Getting Rebooted, Aaron McGruder Confirms Involvement

The Boondocks Reboot Series Aaron McGruder

There's been rumors circulating for weeks now that Adult Swim's The Boondocks is making a comeback. However, instead of the much-discussed season 5 a lot of fans thought they were getting, the plan is apparently to bring Boondocks back for a full reboot!

EW has dropped the reveal that the Boondocks reboot series is in the works, while confirming that series creator Aaron McGruder is indeed involved:

"A complete re-imagining” of The Boondocks “for the modern era” is in development from original series creator Aaron McGruder, the studio announced Wednesday morning at the 2019 Annecy International Animated Film Festival."

This announcement comes as McGruder has also been rebooting the actual Boondocks comic strip that inspired the animated series, releasing new socio-politically charged strips via social media platforms, through third-party accounts like New York radio host, Charlamagne Tha God:

The rumor mill started churning when series star John Witherspoon randomly confirmed that "The Boondocks is coming back" during an interview on Joe Rogan's podcast. We here at then got the chance to speak to series produces Carl Jones and Brian Ash, who dropped the following coy answer about The Boondocks return, during our interview:

Carl Jones: "Yeah. I think John Witherspoon is actually doing it all by himself. He's playing Hughey, Riley, Uncle Ruckus, Grandad, and a Pimp Named Slickback. That's a fact.

Brian Ash: "They're calling it The Spoondocks, right?"

Carl: "They're calling it The Spoondocks. We can't comment on that. No we can't, sorry... I can confirm that the Internet really wants there to be more Boondocks."

The reason that "The Internet" wants more Boondocks is that the social satire cartoon was practically tailor-made to take on the current socio-political realities of Trump-era America. Boondocks' bread-and-butter are issues of race, politics, and the "sacred cows" of social trends, and with so many prime targets now out there, McGruder would be missing a grand opportunity to take his shot again.

For example, here's what producer Carl Jones had to say about one all-important question related to the show: Is Riley Freeman a Trump supporter?


"Yeah, Riley, I definitely think Riley would be down with Trump because he would respect his gangsta," Jones said. "But at the same time, he wouldn't f*ck with him just because it might bring down his Instagram likes. Same reason we don't f*ck with Donald Trump."

We'll keep you updated on the status of The Boondocks Reboot.

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