The God of High School Finale Has All Eyes on Season Two

Crunchyroll made waves when it announced its partnership with Webtoon a while back and for good reason. The entertainment giants teamed up to make way for anime adaptations that traditionally would be ignored. Korean manga and web-comics became game for adaptations, and shows like The God of High School have proven the titles are ripe for success. But this week, it seems fans are looking past season one to divine a few details about these shows' futures.

For those who did not know, The God of High School stepped forward with its finale this week. The show's single cour came to an end with episode 13, and fans watched mesmerized as Jin pulled out a new form. As you can imagine, this fast-paced series kept fans hooked throughout its final episode, but they did balk at the credits.

After all, no official renewal was given for the series. The God of High School wrapped season one without a word about a second season. This made a good many fans flustered after the finale, but those netizens shouldn't worry too much.

the god of high school
(Photo: MAPPA)

After all, The God of High School is part of a three-part experiment. Crunchyroll still has one more Webtoon to adapt into a series, and that is none other than Noblesse. The show is expected to debut this fall and wrap ahead of the new year. This will be the third Webtoon adapted in part by Crunchyroll, and it completes the list of titles first announced under the partnership.

Once Noblesse is finished, fans expect to hear news about the shows destined for a second season. The God of High School is poised to get one given its favorable reviews, and the same can be said for Tower of God. However, until the official word is given, fans will have to simply cross their fingers for more episodes of the anime.


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