The Promised Neverland Soundtrack is Now Available for Streaming

Fans of The Promised Neverland are still waiting for the series to return for its second season, continuing the story of Emma, Ray, and Norman as they work their way to escape a world that is filled with monsters, but audiences can now listen to the soundtrack from the first season at their leisure since the themes are now streaming! With the soundtrack holding around thirty five songs to its name, you can experience the terrifying world of Promised Neverland once again, which did a good job of balancing horror and adventure when it came to the children of this cursed orphanage!

The Promised Neverland, even with the second season delayed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, saw a huge 2020 as the series had been picked up for a few new projects. Japan is still set to release the live action film that will translate events from the first season into a movie that will, hopefully, be released in the winter of this year. North American fans shouldn't feel left out, as Amazon Video has already announced that they are producing a live action series. Though there has been little news outside of the announcement, fans of Promised Neverland can't wait to see how the events of the anime are told!

Aniplex of America shared the news that the Promised Neverland's soundtrack has been released on iTunes, Apple Music, and Spotify, letting fans listen to the thirty five songs that helped make the spooky series a favorite among anime fans since it debuted early last year:

With so much in the Promised Neverland's future, it's surprising to see that the story in the manga has already come to an end, with the story of the trio of children and their oprhan buddies having wrapped. Though we haven't heard of a potential sequel or spin-off series being made, considering the popularity of the franchise, we wouldn't be surprised if at some point in the future the story continues is some shape or form.


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