The Rising of the Shield Hero Creator Shares Reaction to Anime So Far

The Rising of the Shield Hero's anime now has two seasons under its belt and a third on the way, and the original creator behind the series has revealed their reaction to the adaptation's popularity with fans. When the first season of the series taking on Aneko Yusagi's original light novel series made its debut, it was such an immediate hit with fans that it was no surprise to see that the anime team was planning two more seasons for the future. Now that the second season has hit and fans can't wait to see what's next, the creator behind it all is letting it sink in.

The Rising of the Shield Hero's anime really became a hit with fans as they loved watching the first season of the series. Naofumi Iwatani grew over the course of his first season adventures and really picked things up even further when his party continued to grow in size and level. Speaking with Otaku USA Magazine about the anime's success, series creator Aneko Yusagi revealed they have been moved not only by the response to the series but to getting to see Naofumi's growth play out on screen. 

(Photo: Kadokawa)

When asked about what stood out about the anime adaptation overall, The Rising of the Shield Hero series creator Aneko Yusagi responded with, "Oh . . . frankly, I was moved to see Naofumi and his companions moving." When asked about what parts of writing the series they liked the most, Yusagi explained, "I really have fun when I finally reveal scenes that I've been stealthily foreshadowing. It's fun to see how stealthily I can foreshadow things without anyone realizing what's going to happen."

The artist behind the manga adaptation, Aiya Kyu, has also been excited by the anime's success as well noting, "I'm really surprised. A lot of people are sympathetic to what Naofumi goes through in the story. Its success all lies in the appeal of the story and the worldview of the novel. A good work of art crosses borders. I didn't think I'd ever be involved in something like that." Now that the series is getting ready for the third season, now fans can rest easy there's more on the way

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via Otaku USA