The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 Confirms 2021 Release with New Trailer

The Rising of the Shield Hero has shared the release window and first trailer for Season 2 of the [...]

The Rising of the Shield Hero has shared the release window and first trailer for Season 2 of the series! Announced during Crunchyroll Expo last year, The Rising of the Shield Hero confirmed that it will be returning not only for a second season but a third as well. Now that we are a full year out from that major announcement, it seems like the virtual edition of Crunchyroll Expo for 2020 did not disappoint in the slightest. During the special panel for The Rising of the Shield Hero, the series dished out the new details for Season 2.

These details included not only a brand new preview trailer (that the staff involved in the pre-recorded virtual panel for the event had not even seen), but the confirmation that Season 2 of the series is currently on track for a release in 2021. You can check out the new trailer below:

As for how long the series production has come thus far, staff confirmed during the panel that the scripts are completed, and various elements of the series are now coming together. They could not reveal how much of the original light novel series this new season will cover, but teased that the giant turtle involved in the first poster for the new season is only a small part of the major battles.

In fact, it was teased that the battles in the new series are going to be much fiercer this time around with several new characters coming to the series with the new season. This will include new additions to Naofumi's party as well as each and every character reaching new heights of power and abilities in order to counter the greater threats coming from the following waves and then some.

The staff behind the series played it coy as to when we can expect to actually see The Rising of the Shield Hero's second season, but when it does release in 2021 the staff is going to try their best and make sure that there is not as long of a gap in between the second and third season as there was between the first and the second. But what do you think?

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