The Simpsons Embraces Anime in Latest Treehouse of Horror Special

There was once a time when anime was considered niche by Western pop culture, but those days are gone. The medium is thriving these days around the world, and it has a tight grip on fans in the United States. That is why anime has been getting love from big names like Netflix, and The Simpsons honored the medium recently with its latest Treehouse of Horror special.

The episode went live in time for Halloween, and fans of The Simpsons knew they were in for a treat. The special was titled "Into the Homer-Verse" and riffs off the hugely popular Spider-Man movie animated a few years back. As you can guess, the special features a few different iterations of Homer, and one of them hails from the World of Anime.

While regular Homer tries to figure out the multi-verse ordeal, Anime Homer is living his best life. The Simpsons shared small clips of his debut on Twitter, and it was there fans got to see Anime Homer have an epic fight with some bacon. Even Tanjiro would be proud of the star's technique!

As the special continues, Homer and his counterparts are forced into a battle with Mr. Burns. The rich tyrant has been given his own multi-verse mirrors, and they are recognizable from a glance. After all, Mr. Burns as a Bower lookalike and even a mecha modeled after him.

After an epic battle that blinds Anime Homer, all is turned back to normal, and the Simpsons family is able to relax once more. Clearly, this special is filled with homages, and netizens were impressed by its anime-esque plot. It proves The Simpsons is willing to innovate itself when pushed, so here's to hoping we see more of Anime Homer someday!

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