'Tokyo Ghoul' Reveals Controversial Detail About Season 3 Premiere

When it comes to Tokyo Ghoul, its anime can be touchy topic. The beloved shonen is still a [...]

When it comes to Tokyo Ghoul, its anime can be touchy topic. The beloved shonen is still a fan-favorite, but its license through Studio Pierrot has never been popular. After a solid first season, Tokyo Ghoul flubbed hard with its second. In just a few weeks, the series' third will go live, and new details about its premiere have gone up.

Unfortunately, the information revealed doesn't sound very promising.

Over on Tumblr, a fan who was lucky enough to attend Anime Japan 2018 posted a reaction to Tokyo Ghoul:re. The third season debuted episode one at the convention, and it seems the premiere covers a full six chapters. Yes, one episode for six chapters. You read that right.

"I can honestly say it was pretty close to the manga although it was only the first episode so who knows whether the entire anime will stay true to the manga," the fan known as JXN0620s wrote.

The full spoiler-friendly recap can be found here, but the post confirms how far the first episode goes. Tokyo Ghoul:re will cover about six chapters with its premiere. If the show keeps up that track, then it will cover around 70 chapters by episode 12 and surely adapt the entire manga before it ends.

Of course, this pacing is not strange for Tokyo Ghoul; In fact, season one operated much the same. The debut season covered more than 70 chapters in 12 episodes, and fans still complain about its rushed pacing. Now, it looks like Studio Pierrot is poised to do the same thing with Tokyo Ghoul:re, and audiences admit they are not thrilled by the revelation.

For those unfamiliar with Tokyo Ghoul, the series was original created by Sui Ishida. The story follows Ken Kaneki, a student who survives an encounter with his date, who turns out to be a ghoul. Kaneki's world is filled with Ghouls, beings who eat humans, and they've been living among humans in secret. After surviving this attack he wakes up to realize that he himself has become a ghoul because of a surgery that implanted organs from the ghoul who attacked him. In order to live somewhat a normal life, Kaneki needs to eat human flesh to survive. Luckily he's taken in by a group of ghouls at the cafe Anteiku, who help him reintegrate into society.

Tokyo Ghoul: re is set two years after the events of the original series and follows Haise Sasaki, a member of the CCG and leader of a special squad of investigators who have implanted the CCG's specialty weapon, the Quinque, into their bodies and essentially have become half ghoul. The kicker, however, is that Haise is actually Ken Kaneki from the original series who's suffering from a bout of amnesia.

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