Tokyo Revengers to Start New Manga Arc Shortly

Tokyo Revengers is one of the biggest anime series to arrive this year, telling a time travel epic [...]

Tokyo Revengers is one of the biggest anime series to arrive this year, telling a time travel epic that is unlike any story currently in the medium, and it seems as if the manga, which is continuing to tell new stories to this day, will be diving into a new arc. On top of the anime which is currently being produced by Liden Films, Tokyo Revengers will also be receiving a live-action feature-length film later this year along with a stage play, which many other anime franchises have followed suit in prior to the arrival of this franchise.

For those who might not be familiar with Tokyo Revengers, the story follows a young man named Takemichi who aimlessly wades through life attempting to find meaning in his day-to-day activities. Being pushed into a subway train by a mysterious figure, Takemichi finds himself transported into his early days as a student and discovers that he has a new ability to travel through time. Attempting to save the life of his ex-girlfriend following her demise during an incident with the mafia, the protagonist is now seeking to make sure that she is never killed by trying to stop the mob from ever forming in the first place.

Twitter User Manga Mogura shared the news that was revealed by Weekly Shounen Magazine that Tokyo Revengers would be receiving a brand new story arc shortly, as well as a new image showing off the cast of the stage play for the popular anime franchise:

The first season of the anime has been confirmed to hold twenty-four episodes, telling the early story of Takemichi as he bounces between the past and the present, working to save the life of his former girlfriend while dealing with the changes created thanks to his time traveling. The manga first debuted in 2017, with twenty-two volumes currently in circulation, and the franchise has certainly seen a rise in popularity following the release of its anime.

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