Toonami to Announce New Original Anime Shortly

Cartoon Network might be best known for the programming block of Adult Swim at the moment, but the branding would not have been as successful if not for the introduction of Toonami, and it seems as if this particular block of programming will be releasing a new anime all its own in the future. With Junji Ito's Uzumaki being developed for Toonami and Adult Swim thanks to a partnership of Production IG, fans are left wondering just where the company will go in the future when it comes to creating original anime series.

Adult Swim has long produced a number of its own television series, with the likes fo Rick And Morty, Space Ghost Coast To Coast, Home Movies, and Aqua Teen Hunger Force being only a few of the insanely popular series that put the programming block on the map. Toonami started as an afternoon block that introduced numerous generations to a number of anime that they might have otherwise gone unseen, with Cartoon Network being responsible for bringing Dragon Ball Z, Tenchi Muyo, Mobile Suit: Gundam Wing, and too many other anime series to count to North America proper. Though Toonami has had its ups and downs throughout the years, it seems that it is once again hitting new heights by creating new anime series!

Twitter User Murillos14 was able to snag a clip from the recent Anime Expo Lite, which took place entirely online thanks in part to the coronavirus pandemic, wherein Jason Demarco, the VP and Creative Director for Adult Swim, revealed that a new anime series would be discussed at the upcoming Comic Con:

Junji Ito's Uzumaki has gotten a lot of groundswell thanks in part to not only the amazing animation style that attempts to mimic the mangaka's artwork, but the haunting music that accompanied the soundtrack. Though we have no details as to whether this upcoming series will be an entirely new creation or perhaps re-visitng one of their original properties is still up in the air, we'll be excited to hear what Toonami and Adult Swim have up their sleeves for the future of their programming blocks!

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