New Toonami Promo Highlights 'FLCL' Comeback, 'My Hero Academia' Dub

Adult Swim's Toonami block is one of the biggest anime distributors in the United States, and lots of current anime fans attribute their love of anime to the famous television block.

The current Toonami line-up is one of the strongest in recent memory, as the schedule is about to undergo a major shift for FLCL's comeback and My Hero Academia. You can check out the impressive line-up in the newest promo for the block.

Here's the Toonami schedule as of June 2 (in EST):

  • 10:30PM - Dragon Ball Super
  • 11:00PM - Dragon Ball Z Kai: The Final Chapters
  • 11:30PM - My Hero Academia
  • 12:00AM - FLCL: Progressive
  • 12:30AM - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders
  • 1:00AM - Hunter x Hunter
  • 1:30AM - Black Clover
  • 2:00AM - Naruto: Shippuden
  • 2:30AM - Space Dandy
  • 3:00AM - Cowboy Bebop
  • 3:30AM - Lupin the 3rd

Dragon Ball Super fans took a hit this past weekend as Toonami aired a FLCL marathon ahead of its season two premiere. Toonami usually celebrates holiday weekends with special anime marathons, and the latest was the most fitting given the premiere of Toonami's big FLCL Progressive premiere.

For those unaware with FLCL's big comeback, FLCL Progressive is currently slated to officially air June 2 at midnight EST on Adult Swim, with FLCL: Alternative premiering later this September. Adult Swim describes FLCL Progressive as such:

"FLCL Progressive tells the story of 14-year-old Hidomi, her classmate Ide, and two otherworldly beings, "Jinyu" and "Haruha Raharu," who are determined to unlock their hidden potential. Mixed up in this is an all-powerful force known as "ATOMSK," a gorgeous vintage car… and a certain Vespa Scooter."


The English dub cast for the series includes Kari Wahlgren as Haruha Raharu, Allegra Clark as Jinyu, Xanthe Hunyh as Hidomi, Robbie Daymond as Ide, Jon Allen as Mori, Yuri Lowenthal as Marco, Christine Marie Cabanos as Aiko, Julie Ann Taylor as Hinae, Jason Griffith as Marurao, J. David Brimmer as Eye Patch, and Steve Kramer as Tonkichi. Adult Swim will also be streaming the Japanese language version of the series on their website with English subtitles.

The staff for the series includes directors Kazuto Arai, Toshihisa Kaiya, Yuki Ogawa, Yoshihide Ibata, Kei Suezawa, and Hiroshi Ikehata with Katsuyuki Motohiro serving as Chief Director for Production I.G. Hideto Iwai will write the script for the series, Yoshiyuki Sadamoto and Chikashi Kubota are handling character design, Taeko Hamauzu will serve as editor, R.O.N. is composing the music for the series, Noriko Arisawa is overseeing the color design, and famous band from the first series the pillows are returning for the series' opening theme "spiky seeds."