Is Vegeta Heading For A Surprising New Power-Up?

Universe 7 may be dealing with Universe 3 at the moment, but fans are expecting a major showdown [...]

Universe 7 may be dealing with Universe 3 at the moment, but fans are expecting a major showdown coming between Universe 7 and 11. If the latest revealed spoilers are any indication, the showdown is going to be worth the wait.

The synopsis for an upcoming episode not only teases a major showdown between Vegeta and Jiren, but potentially Vegeta reaching a new level of power before the episode's end.

Airing in January, Episode 122 has Vegeta challenging Jiren in Goku's stead (with Freeza challenging Dyspo in the meantime). While there are no further details for how Vegeta's challenge goes, but the details for Episode 123 spark some interesting theories.

In Episode 123, tentatively titled "Full Body, Spirit, and Power Unleashed!," some bits have been revealed that Goku may go Ultra Instinct once again and Vegeta has yet to get serious. Writer for the series Toshio Furukawa recently tweeted an image of Goku warning Vegeta that his soul would be erased if he died for a second time, and further complicating things by saying he wrote "a cool Vegeta."

These details have fans theorizing that Vegeta could even enter his own form of Ultra Instinct as well. There's been a lingering theory in fan circles that has Goku's defense oriented Ultra Instinct work the opposite for Vegeta. As Vegeta's personality is much different, fans have theorized that Vegeta's take on Ultra Instinct would focus on attack.

This stems from the idea that Goku can't attack well in Ultra Instinct, and that a balance of the two would be needed to defeat Jiren. So if Jiren doesn't defeat Vegeta outright, we could be seeing an Ultra Instinct Vegeta very soon.

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