Webtoon Axes Popular South Korean Series Amid Racism Controversy

Webtoon has cancelled the popular South Korean series Get Schooled following racism accusations.

It seems like one of South Korea's rising titles at Naver Webtoon is in hot water. Get Schooled has been put on suspension in South Korea after Webtoon's U.S. branch announced it was discontinuing the series. The announcement comes after Get Schooled released a new chapter containing offensive racist material.

"The racist content has been removed from our platform. The series has been canceled and will not be returning in the US. It has also been suspended indefinitely from the Korean platform, while we conduct an internal review," Webtoon shared on social media after investigating Get Schooled.

In a separate comment, Webtoon went on to stress the comic's material in no way reflects its values. "The content depicted in this episode does not align with WEBTOON's values and is absolutely not something we stand for. It should not have been published and we apologize to anyone who encountered it or the harm it caused to the incredible WEBTOON community."

For those out of the loop on the situation, Get Schooled sparked ire after its new chapter featured an upsetting scene at school. It was there a black teacher could be found interacting with the protagonist of Get Schooled. The lead, who considers himself a pure Korean, has a heated exchange with the multicultural teacher which leads to slurs being hurled. The chapter was quickly panned for its offensive depiction of POC, and now Naver Webtoon in South Korea is investigating. Right now, the webcomic is on indefinite suspension, and its controversial new chapter has been deleted.

As you can imagine, Get Schooled has certainly found itself in hot water, and its fate is uncertain in South Korea for the time being. Prior to this controversy, the webcomic was considered a very popular title overseas, and it's been published in several countries since its 2020 launch.

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