Wonder Egg Priority Wraps with Final Special Episode: Watch

In a world of strange anime series such as JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Dodorohedoro, and Paranoia Agent, one of the most bizarre tales to enter the medium in recent memory is Wonder Egg Priority, which has recently released its final episode on Funimation's streaming service. With this anime being a completely original series, not based on a manga or series of light novels like so many other television series that have been created in Japan, Wonder Egg Priority has definitely found a niche for itself as one of the most unique anime series introduced this year.

The strange anime follows the story of Ai, a young girl who has the unique ability to assist others when it comes to the dark thoughts that have been plaguing them. Said thoughts manifest themselves as terrifying monsters that definitely help Wonder Egg Priority in stretching its legs into the world of weird, as Ai attempts to slay the monsters in order to save lives while also working to save the soul of her best friend. Created by Studio CloverWorks, the animation house responsible for The Promised Neverland, the series might be coming to a close but it's clearly left its mark as an idiosyncratic adventure within the world of anime.

Funimation shared the news that the thirteenth episode of Wonder Egg Priority has now dropped via the company's streaming service, letting fans take in the final story of Ai as she attempts to save others from some of the strangest anime monsters introduced via the medium:

There hasn't been a second season confirmed for Wonder Egg Priority as of yet, but it definitely would be understandable if we never see a return to the strange world of Ai. In the past, plenty of anime series have been able to tell the entirety of their stories over the course of one season, and perhaps Wonder Egg Priority will join their ranks.


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