Yu-Gi-Oh Collectors Needs These Anime Card Sleeves ASAP

Through the numerous season of Yu-Gi-Oh!, fans have followed a number of different protagonists as they attempt to become better duelists with their amazing decks, and one fan has re-created the card sleeves that these trainers would use to access "the heart of the cards'. With the franchise starting with the protagonist of Yugi Moto, a young duelist who finds that he is spiritually linked with an ancient Egyptian pharaoh, Yugi would time and time again access these sleeves to unleash some of his most devastating attacks and strategies that would help him become one of the greatest duelists in the world.

As the anime continued, the spotlight was shined on a number of different protagonists, focusing on different environments and new duel monsters and cards that would open up the world of Yu-Gi-Oh! So popular were these decks and the cards within them, that real life tournaments began to form with players around the world looking to follow in the fictional foot steps of Yugi and the other protagonists of the popular anime franchise that would more often than not, "prepare to duel". Though tournaments have been delayed, or outright canceled, due to the coronavirus pandemic the heart of the cards still rages in fans hearts the world over.

Reddit User Marcelio196 shared these amazing looking card sleeves that would give any fans of the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise the ability to access the heart of the cards and stand alongside the likes of Yugi Moto and the other protagonists of the long running franchise:

Faithful Yugioh Anime Sleeves 😍 How were they not a thing before?? just saw them earlier this year on amazon from r/yugioh

Currently, the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise has continued with a new anime series titled Yu-Gi-Oh! Sevens that follows a young boy named Yuga, perhaps the youngest protagonist of the franchise to date, who believes that the current rules for dueling are too slow and boring for his needs. Creating a new set of rules called "Rush Duels", Yuga meets a band of fellow duelists as he attempts to become one of the greatest duelists the world has ever seen, but will certainly have a number of challenges to overcome along the way!


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