Yu Yu Hakusho Debuts New Merch Meant to Secure Your Cup Ramen

Yu Yu Hakusho is easily one of the most legendary classic Shonen series, with fans to this day remembering some of the most insane moments of Yusuke Yurameshi and his fellow Spirit Detectives, and a new figurine allows fans of the anime the ability to protect their Ramen using the power of the Spirit World. Though there has been no word of Yu Yu Hakusho giving fans a sequel series via its anime, Netflix blew fans' minds when it was announced that a live-action adaptation would be coming to the streaming service in the future.

Yu Yu Hakusho first debuted as an anime in 1992, giving fans one hundred and twelve episodes of Yusuke's journey to save his own life and battle demonic hordes of enemies following an accident that took his mortality. Joined by the likes of his frenemy Kuwabara and two demonic entities in Kurama and Hiei, the Shonen series became legendary thanks in part to its amazing fight sequences and riveting storytelling. To this day, the "Dark Tournament Arc" of the series is still considered to be one of the greatest Shonen fighting tournament storylines among fans who have been following anime for years, proving that a series can definitely be timeless if all the pieces add up.

Prize Figures shared the first look at the "Ramen Stopper" that will be arriving this summer, letting fans protect their Ramen using the power of Yusuke Yurameshi's Spirit Gun, the trademark technique of the Spirit Detective throughout the entirety of Yu Yu Hakusho:

Yu Yu Hakusho will eventually be joining the live-action anime adaptation of One Piece on Netflix, with the streaming service also adding in the Western animated series of Avatar The Last Airbender to this roster for the future.


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