Yu-Gi-Oh: Unleash Your Inner Kaiba with Sleek Duel Disk Rings

Yu-Gi-Oh has been telling the story of Duel Monsters for years, exploring a number of different characters via countless duels over the course of its anime. With one of the biggest technological elements being the duel discs created by the anti-hero, Seto Kaiba, it seems that fans of the card game will have the opportunity to add some unique rings to their collections that re-imagine the duel discs in a brand new way. 

Yu-Gi-Oh has seen plenty of merchandise released over the years, with the card game that is such a tenant of the anime being played in the real world. Though real-world card tournaments have hit a snag as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, causing a number of tournaments to be canceled as a result, the series continues to be a major part of the world of anime. Kaiba himself, the man responsible for creating the duel discs, might not have made any appearances following the conclusion of the first season, but his legacy continued in a number of unique ways in the future of the franchise

Takara TOMY Arts shared a new look at the upcoming rings that will be made available in Gatchapan machines in Japan, letting fans of the long-running series wear duel discs on their fingers that first originated in the initial season of Yu-Gi-Oh, Duel Monsters, which introduced the world to the popular card game:

(Photo: Takara Tomy Arts)

Each of these rings will retail for around $3 USD, not breaking the bank for Yu-Gi-Oh fans by any stretch of the imagination, though there has been no news regarding these unique rings making their way to North America any time soon. With the technology created by Kaiba still having a part in the anime's universe, it will be interesting to see what role, if any, the tech plays in the upcoming season of the franchise that introduces us to a number of new duelists.

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