Fantastic Four Director Trank: Plot Rumors "Totally False"

Fantastic Four Reboot MovieA non-verified Twitter account purporting to be that of Chronicle and Fantastic Four director Josh Trank is denying any knowledge of a story summary appearing on a casting agency website and claiming to have a radically different take on the origin of the Fantastic Four in his upcoming reboot.

The account is the same one that denied reports that Miles Teller had been cast as Reed Richards back in August, and during that round of media scrutiny, it appeared as though it was Trank's official account, in spite of the lack of a "verified" logo. Teller, meanwhile, has been on record recently as saying that a decision regarding his casting in the film should be made soon.

The summary, which first came to light a month ago, has Reed Richards and Ben Grimm gaining powers through a freak accident on board Richards's experimental rocket, and then being joined by Sue and Johnny Storm--a brother/sister duo who already have powers.

Fantastic Four director Josh Trank serves "The Thing" with a subpoena on Arrested DevelopmentThe story began to circulate earlier today after a number of press sites saw the casting notice and what appeared to be a radically altered backstory for the superhero team.  Given widespread rumors that casting would begin in earnest this week or next, it's likely that somebody happened across the month-old entry and thought it was new.

You can check out the two tweets below, in which he calls the reports "totally false," and says that he doesn't know who released them. The Twitter account is taken at face value by a number of high profile entertainment journalists (both here and back in August) so it's likely legitimate.