Marvel Reveals New Future Avengers Team and Villain

Marvel has given fans a vision of The Avengers' future, and needless to say the team is unlike anything seen in the modern Marvel Universe! Not only did we get to see this new futuristic (and cosmic-themed) Avengers team roster, we also got to see what kind of threat the Future Avengers face - in the form of Doom The Living Planet! As the villain's name would suggest, Doom The Living Planet is a seeming merging of Doctor Doom and Ego The Living Planet - or at the very least a world-sized Doombot constructed in the villain's visage. Keep reading for a look and breakdown of this Future Avengers team!

Marvel Future Avengers First Look 38 Spoilers
(Photo: Marvel Comics)

This Future Avengers team includes the Phoenix-powered Old Man Logan, and a female Thor. The other two characters are a mystery. One looks like Storm (with mohawk cut) riding a Starshark, while wielding what looks to be Thor's ax; the red-head is wielding a mace that could similarly be the Asgardian weapon known as "Hridgandr, the Dread Storm Wand," which is wielded by Hogun the Grim of the Warriors Three. Whatever the case may be, it's clear these particular Avengers of the distant future are playing on a power scale far above the current team. Cosmic/mystical power seems to be a "must" for recruitment.

Warning: Avengers #38 SPOILERS Follow!

These Future Avengers are introduced as being active "Eons from now" in the Marvel Universe. They are a final part of a montage depicted in Avengers #38 by Jason Aaron & Ed McGuinness, which follows different centuries of Avengers teams, from the prehistoric version to this distant future version. It's part of the "The Fly That Laid A Billion Maggots" story that reveals just how Marvel is further positioning Mephisto as a big bad of an entire Marvel Multiverse.

After Moon Knight's rogue mission to defend the Marvel Multiverse in "Age of Khonshu", the Avengers are beginning to realize that Mephisto has been pulling strings in their lives across many eras and dimensions. It's revealed that Mephisto was there when the diseased Celestial infected Earth's evolution - which Mephisto further perverted with his evil. However, the mutations and superhumans that resulted from that unholy seeding ironically fought to block Mephisto and his demonic forces from taking over Earth.


However, with time/space holding no constraint over him, Mephisto's campaign is fought on many fronts at once. That includes the present, where a resurrected Howard Stark is already helping Mephisto gather the energy he needs for his latest resurrection.

Avengers #38 is now on sale.

Marvel Future Avengers First Look 38 Spoilers