Marvel Reveals The Symbiote Avengers

Marvel's Venom #27 continues Donny Cates' "Venom Beyond" storyline, which sees Eddie Brock/Venom and his son Dylan lost in a strange new dimension, thanks to a battle with Venom-hunter Virus inside The Makers' lab. In this second chapter of "Venom Beyond," Eddie and Dylan try to get their bearings on where they've been transported to - which is hard to do with Virus still on the attack. However, Venom and Virus' fight only gets to tear through the strange futuristic cityscape for a moment, before they run into a twisted version of a familiar peacekeeping force: The Symbiote Avengers!

The Avengers squad that Eddie Brock and Virus encounter on a rooftop immediately seem suspicious, as their costumes sport the Venom logo. Dylan Brock (who has some strange connection to symbiotes) can sense that these heroes aren't human, and things nearly come to a head when Venom and The Avengers can't play nicely together. However, Venom gets the opportunity to flee (and takes it) when Virus shows back up to attack again.

For a moment, Virus thinks that the Avengers may not be an issue - after all, he's after Venom, and they seem to be doing the same. However, like Venom, Virus can't play nice with the Avengers, and proceeds to throw down with the entire squad, which includes She-Hulk, Black Panther, Thor, and Iron Man - in addition to Cap. To his credit, Virus holds his own inside his suit of Anti-Symbiote armor but inevitably goes down.

When he gets desperate, Virus outright blows Cap's head off with a big cannon - but death just doesn't take. Instead, Captain America's annihilated head and torso reform in the style that reveals these "Avengers" aren't just idolizing Venom - they are, in fact, true Symbiote Avengers!

Venom Spoilers Symbiote Avengers Comic 27
(Photo: Marvel Comics)

This twist is just a minor one in the greater scheme of what "Venom Beyond" seems to be setting up. There are developments that Donny Cates sprinkles all over this chapter, including Venom learning new powers from this dimension's symbiote hive mind; and the reveal that Eddie Brock's ex-wife Annie Weying is actually Agent Venom in this reality. Beyond that, Venom and Agent Venom's resistance group still has the bid bad villain (Codex) and his Symbiote Avengers to deal with.


If you didn't think Donny Cates had something epic planned for "Venom Beyond," you better strap in! Because this ride is getting wild, fast!

Venom #27 is now on sale from Marvel Comics.