Power Rangers Reveals New White Tiger Mechazord

There's a lot to love about Power Rangers, but one of the coolest parts has to be the powerful and massive Zords that the Rangers can call upon in battle. The normal Zords are impressive enough, though things get taken to an entirely new level when they all combine to form the Megazord. This week's Go Go Power Rangers decided to debut a brand new addition to the Power Rangers canon, one that trades in efficiency for raw power, and fans of the White Ranger are going to absolutely love it. Now, spoilers incoming for Go Go Power Rangers #31, so if you haven't read the issue yet you've been warned.

The issue finds the Rangers fighting Hodgepodge, a rather strong armored and durable creation of Finster and Lord Zedd. It's managed to take on all of the Zords and live to tell the tale, and it's even damaged some of the other Zords in the process. Hodgepodge also took down Grace's Mechazord, which is lying on the ground as Goldar and the crew try and kidnap Grace. Tommy has the other Rangers clear the field while he holds the line with the White Tigerzord, but Saba has a suggestion that just might save the day.

Saba says "Tommy, a suggestion if I may? You joked earlier about having me mount the Power Blaster to increase its power output correct? Well...what if you took your own advice?"

(Photo: BOOM! Studios)

Tommy does just that, combining with the fallen Mechazord and creating a brand new Zord, the White Tiger Mechazord. The beast looks just as impressive as you might expect, but it's really the added firepower the Zord is sporting that is most noticeable. When Hodgepodge goes for the kill, Tommy dishes out the ultimate power move to end the fight, and it's impressive.

The attack generates an explosion of energy and puts Hodgepodge on its back, and the attack gets its own name of course, which is the White Tiger Mechastrike. Fancy right?

(Photo: BOOM! Studios)

It does the job and takes Hodgepodge down for the count, and now we have a brand new and quite deadly addition to the Power Rangers' arsenal, and that's always a good thing.

Go Go Power Rangers #31 is written by Ryan Parrott and Sina Grace and drawn by Francesco Mortarino with Colors by Raul Angulo and Letters by Ed Dukeshire. You can find the official description for the issue below.


"Jason, Zack, and Trini are leaving Earth to officially join the Omega Rangers -- but it means their former team is now down three people, with Lord Zedd about to launch his ultimate weapon! Zordon and Alpha-5 search desperately for worthy successors, but will it be enough to stop the enemy?"

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