Top 10 Comic Books Rising In Value In The Last Week Include Nova, Ghost Rider & more

Like last week, this week's Top 10 features a mix of new and repeat entries. Repeat entries include the first appearance of Silver Sable, driven by speculation of her appearing in Sony Picture's KRAVEN film and George Perez's classic JLA/AVENGERS Heroes Initiative trade paperback reprint (A reminder to please donate to this fantastic charity that gives back to the creators we love in the comic book industry). The rest of the list all feature books that have appeared on our Top 10 within the past year. Many of these are directly tied to content speculation. For example, the first appearance of Marvel's Ghost Rider led Midnight Sons and Emilia Clarke rumors of playing Veranke the Skrull Queen. Obi-Wans' first appearance reappears with excitement building for his May Disney+ series. '80s animated series favorite, Voltron, is being developed for a feature film, helping his first comic appearance to land on this list for the first time. Lastly, the confirmation that Moon Knight writer Sabir Pirzada is writing a NOVA project for Marvel helped the first appearances of young Nova corp member Sam Alexander and veteran corp member/ Marvel Icon Richard Rider to dominate this week's Top 10. 

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#10: AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #265 | MARVEL | 1985 | It's rumored that actor Christopher Abbott will be playing The Foreigner in Sony's KRAVEN film. In the comics, The Foreigner was formerly Married to Silver Sable, and this connection has allowed speculators to believe that Silver Sable may also appear in the film. Her first appearance in this issue had a high sale of $690 for a CGC 9.8 with raw copies trending at an FMV of $93. 

#9: STAR WARS #2 | MARVEL | 1977 | Obi-Wan's Disney+ series' May release isn't too far away. While we wait, his first comic book appearance continues to get more attention. Last week, we tracked a high sale of $810 for a CGC 9.6, with a raw FMV of $82. 

#8: POINT ONE #1 NICK BRADSHAW VARIANT | MARVEL | 2011 | Speculation is still holding out that the Sam Alexander version of Nova will appear in the recently announced MCU Nova project with Moon Knight writer Sabir Pirzada. The current rumor is that the show/film will feature BOTH Richard Rider and Sam Alexander. With Sam's first appearance in this issue of Marvel Point One #1 (2011), collectors are divided between the regular cover and this variant. Since Sam doesn't appear on either cover (Richard Rider appears in the background of the standard cover), it's merely a matter of which one you like more. This Bradshaw variant had a high sale of $350 for a CGC 9.8 and a raw FMV of $88.

#7: JLA/AVENGERS HERO INITIATIVE TPB | MARVEL/DC | 2022 | The recent health concerns around George Perez have spotlighted the need for us, as a community, to contribute to vital organizations like the Hero Initiative. The Hero Initiative was created as a charity dedicated to helping comic book creators in medical or financial need. George Perez, a founding board member himself, is an example of a comic book creator whom this charity would directly benefit from. Marvel & DC came back together to reprint this classic crossover in a trade paperback limited to 7000 copies. It lands on this week's list in the same spot as last week, with 49 copies sold at a 7-day trend of 91% and a high sale of $380 for a raw copy. However, the fair market value is currently trending at $247. Once again, we ask for those reselling their copy to consider donating a portion of those profits to the Hero Initiative. Many sellers are doing so, with many contributing all of their earnings, which is fantastic. Initially costing $30, this book intended to benefit the charity rather than create a rare exclusive with aftermarket value. Suppose we can work together to share these aftermarket sales. In that case, this limited TPB will be an even more significant success by increasing those initial funds raised and giving directly back to the creators we love. 

#6: GHOST RIDER #31 | MARVEL | 1992 | Over the past several years, there have been constant rumors and speculation that a Danny Ketch-led Midnight Sons is in development for Disney+. When another online source mentions the Midnight Sons, this and issue #28, the first cameo appearance of The Midnight Sons (via a future premonition), both begin to move in the aftermarket. Over the past few years, the market has favored issue #28. However, this week it's all about their first full appearance in Ghost Rider #31, which had a high sale of $400 for a CGC 9.8 with raws trending at an FMV of $28. 

#5: VOLTRON #1 | MARVEL | 1985 | Per Hollywood Reporter, a "Live-Action 'Voltron' Movie, With Rawson Marshall Thurber to Direct, Ignites Bidding War." This news immediately lit a fire under Voltron's first appearance in comic books. We've tracked a high sale of $665 for a CGC 9.8 with raws at an FMV of $110. 

#4: SECRET WARS II #3 | MARVEL | 1985 | This issue features the first cover appearance and first full appearance of the Beyonder (in human form). This week, in anticipation of his appearance (played by Lawernce Fishburne) in the MOON GIRL AND DEVIL DINOSAUR series, it reached a high sale of $149 for a CGC 9.8 with raws at an FMV of $21. 

#3: POINT ONE #1 | MARVEL | 2011 | As noted, there are rumors that both the Richard Rider and Sam Alexandar versions of Nova may appear together in the NOVA MCU project. Like the Bradshaw variant, this standard cover of Sam's first appearance is trending. However, it out-sold the variant with a higher sale of $400 for a CGC 9.8 and raws at an FMV of $46.

#2: NOVA #1 | MARVEL | 1976 | Also, while Sam Alexander is unconfirmed, Richard Rider's Nova is almost a sure thing in the upcoming NOVA project. His first appearance in this issue has been trending ever since Kevin Feige first mentioned it several years ago. This issue is now on fire with an official confirmation at a high sale of $3000 for a CGC 9.8 and raws trending at $169. 

#1: NEW AVENGERS #40 | MARVEL | 2008 | Several online sources claim that Emilia Clarke is definitely playing Veranke the Skrull Queen. While this remains unconfirmed, these renewed rumors lit a fire on Veranke's first appearance in this issue, with a high sale of $392 for a CGC 9.8 and raws trending at $43. Note: If you're looking for copies at your LCS or at conventions, there's a second print of this issue that's selling for close to $200 raw. Happy Hunting!

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