Top 10 Comic Books Rising In Value In The Last Week Include World War Hulk, Superman & More

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Reviewing this week's list for OCTOBER 24th, 2021 from, many of last week's TOP books make it back on this week's list. Superman's sexuality is still moving copies and will continue to do so as we move closer to issue #5. Warlock clings to one spot along with Todd McFarlane's Killadelphia variant.   The new contenders this week have been the talk of the comic community. Marvel's Eros/Starfox takes several spots on this week's list. However, due to spoilers, we won't reveal why Starfox made several spots on the list. Though just knowing that he's trending is a must for any convention/LCS comic book diggers. Lastly, some World War Hulk rumors help land one book in the #1 spot. So, let's get into and cover the TOP 10 comic books that were trending last week: 


#10 KILLADELPHIA #12 TODD MCFARLANE | IMAGE | 2021 - Falling one spot this week, Todd McFarlane's rare non-Spawn variant continues to move in the aftermarket. Usually, hot variants like this fall off after a week while collectors move on to something new. That's not the case for this Killadelphia cover, which sold 18 copies, had a 7-day trend of 241%, and had a high sale of $45 for a raw copy with a fair market value of $43. 

#9 SUPERMAN: SON OF KAL-EL #2 INHYUK LEE | DC | 2021 - As noted last week, this issue features the first appearance of Jay Nakamura, with whom Jon Kent will explore his bisexuality in issue #5. This variant for Jay's first appearance remained hot in the aftermarket and had a high sale of $23 for a raw copy with a fair market value of $16. 

#8 CAPTAIN MARVEL #27 | MARVEL | 1973 - Okay, so this is a tough one to do without spoilers. So, let's do this… this issue features the first full appearance of Eros, brother of Thanos, who is later called Starfox. Now, if you know why this is trending, then we won't go into it. However, for those who don't like spoilers, then don't search for Eros or Starfox right now (sorry Nintendo fans). Since the first cameo of Eros is in the already pricey in IRON MAN #55 (first Thanos), fans turned to his next key… which is this and trending with a high sale of $420 for a CGC 8.0. 

#7 SHE-HULK #6 | MARVEL | 2006 - Continuing the Eros heat, this is simply a modern Eros cover by Greg Land that suddenly became popular as collectors race to buy anything with Starfox on the cover, selling for a fair market value of $34. 

#6 SUPERMAN: SON OF KAL-EL #1 | DC | 2021 - AND back to Jon Kent. The news of Superman's son, Jon Kent, shocked the internet with the news that he's bisexual. Interest in his overall story arc continues with solid sales of this first issue as it takes us into issue #5 for the big reveal. It currently has a fair market value of $22 raw. 

#5 GUN HONEY #1 2ND PRINT | TITAN | 2021 - Gun Honey makes it back on the list! However, instead of Adam Hughes's popular variant, we have this hard to find 2nd print by artist Robert McGinnis. Limited to an estimated 2000 Copies, it had a high sale of $75 for a raw copy with a current fair market value of $44.  

#4 WARLOCK AND THE INFINITY WATCH #1 | MARVEL | 1992 - No longer a dollar book, this 90's staple is having its best month ever. Due to being the cheapest and more accessible Warlock book, it made this week's list again with a high sale of $35 for a NM raw copy and a fair market value of $22. 

#3 SUPERMAN: SON OF KAL-EL #2 | DC | 2021 - This first appearance of Jon Kent's new love interest, Jay Nakamura, slips from the #1 spot with a high sale of $29 for a raw copy and a current fair market value of $20. 

#2 AVENGERS #232 | MARVEL | 1983 - The first appearance of Eros as Starfox makes the #2 spot this week. To sum up, as Eros joins the Avengers within this issue, The Wasp gives him the Starfox moniker citing the inspiration as "You're a pretty foxy guy and you've been out among the stars". This issue took off in a big way this week and sold 65 copies with an all-time high sale of $950 for a CGC 9.8. 

#1 WORLD WAR HULK #1 | MARVEL | 2007 - The Geeks Worldwide recently posted an article stating that "The GWW has learned that a Hulk movie is on the way and it is currently being called World War Hulk. Yes, we finally have a new "solo" Hulk film in active development at Marvel Studios and we were told it is currently slated to start production in late 2022, likely following the events of the upcoming She-Hulk series on Disney+". While this news is very unconfirmed, this sent fans rushing online to find a copy of the first issue of World War Hulk and moved 68 copies with a high sale of $180 for a PGX 9.9 and a fair market raw value of $47.

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