'Lucifer' Bonus Episodes Delivered Series Low Ratings

After being cancelled by FOX just a couple of weeks ago, Lucifer aired two "bonus episodes" on Monday night, that were meant to be a part of the show's fourth season. Unfortunately for those hoping that the new installments would help convince another network to renew the series, as the ratings were well below average.

Airing on Monday night at 8pm ET, the first of the bonus episodes, titled "Boo Normal," saw 2.6 million viewers tune in, earning a 0.5 rating in the coveted 18-49 demographic. The second episode, "Once Upon a Time," dropped to 2.3 million viewers, keeping the 0.5 rating score. The fans participating in the #SaveLucifer campaign were hoping that the bonus episodes would deliver strong numbers, showing other networks that the series still has a lot of life left. While that didn't happen, there were a lot of obstacles facing the series on Monday night.

Lucifer's bonus episodes went up against quite a few major TV events that were never a factor during the regular season. During the two-hour Lucifer outing, ABC premiered the new season of The Bachelorette, NBC aired the first game of the the highly-anticipated NHL Stanley Cup Finals between the Washington Capitals and Las Vegas Golden Knights, and Game 7 of the NBA's Western Conference finals between the Houston Rockets and Golden State Warriors was taking place on TNT. With all of these TV events airing at the same time, the Lucifer bonus episodes had a difficult battle from the get-go.

Despite the crowded evening and low ratings, Lucifer did manage to make a splash on social media. Last night, #Lucifer became the third-most trending topic on Twitter, with 341 thousand tweets in total. Those who were watching the episode were certainly doing their best to make sure their voices were heard.


At this point, Lucifer is still without a home for Season 4, but co-showrunner Joe Henderson recently teased that conversations are currently taking place, with the hopes of the series getting picked up by another network or streaming service.

What did you think of the Lucifer bonus episodes? Do you think the series will find a new home for Season 4, or is it too late? Let us know your thoughts on the #SaveLucifer situation by dropping a comment below!