'Young Justice' Writer Confirms 12 Episodes Are Done for Season 3

With the impending launch of DC Comics' streaming service and the debut of its first original series, fans are eager to find out more about DC Universe. The fan-favorite animated series Young Justice will be revived on the service, with work underway on completing the third season called Young Justice: Outsiders.

Producer and showrunner Greg Weisman provided an update on social media for fans of the series, revealing how far they've progressed on Young Justice Season Three.

(Photo: Greg Weisman / Twitter)

With 12 episodes finished in the new season, it looks like the light is at the end of the tunnel. The series will have 26 episodes when it returns, and is scheduled to debut on DC Universe sometime in 2019. Until then, fans will be able to get caught up on the first two seasons — or get a refresher course — when DC Universe officially launches on Saturday, September 15th.

Weisman and fellow producer Brandon Vietti spoke with ComicBook.com at San Diego Comic-Con where they offered a tease for the new season by revealing a very obvious comic book inspiration.

"Batman and the Outsiders, I suppose, is a big one," Weisman said. "Specifically for the first few episodes."

"We’re kind of riffing on that, doing our Earth-16 version of that story," added Vietti Our entire series has been granted by DC the designation of Earth-16 and we really lean into that. There are a lot of reminders of that throughout the season. The number ‘16’ pops up quite a lot.

"It also allows us to kind of riff on the comic books rather than have to stick to them very faithfully," Vietti continued. "What we try to do is at least really pay respect to the characters or storylines that we’re riffing off of so that hardcore fans really feel that respect but also can be surprised. The hardcore fans that know these stories and know these characters inside and out, we want something new and something fresh, a different take. And then for new people coming onboard hopefully they’ll be able to see our stuff and go backward and see what the source material was and rediscover the DC Universe as we have."


Fans got their first look at the new season during the DC Universe announcement livestream, showing off a clip of Nightwing going undercover to break up a human trafficking ring in Moscow. He was being fed intel from Oracle, possibly teasing a life-changing attack affected Barbara Gordon during the hiatus.

We'll find out more when Young Justice: Outsiders premieres on DC Universe in 2019.