'The LEGO Movie 2': Justice League's Sequel Role Revealed

After dealing with the threat of Lord Business and an overbearing father, Emmet and Wyldstyle have to confront the sinister Systar System in The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part. Once again they call on Batman and other allies to help them, but they also need some extra firepower from the Justice League, especially since the Marvel heroes refuse to help.

Actors Channing Tatum, Cobie Smulders, and Jonah Hill return to voice Superman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern respectively, and they're joined by the Aquaman himself Jason Momoa. And while that might seem like the perfect team to fight the threat of Friends dolls and Duplo blocks, it doesn't work out in their favor.

Early in the movie, the League attempts to take the fight directly to the Systar System only to disappear, thought never to be seen again. But after Emmet's friends get kidnapped and he mounts a rescue mission, he and new ally Rex Dangervest come across an idyllic LEGO neighborhood where everything is awesome... and covered in glitter.

In this neighborhood, Emmet and Rex are reunited with Superman who is happily mowing his lawn. Instead of ignoring Green Lantern, the two are best friends. Aquaman and Lex Luthor (voiced by Ike Barinholtz) join the fray, and Emmet is shocked to see Superman best friends with his arch enemy.

But Wonder Woman explains the strength of their friendships in the glitter-covered neighborhood, along the help of her DC Super Hero Girls mini-doll counterpart, as well as a Wonder Woman DUPLO figure.

Rex convinces Emmet that they must escape or they too will suffer a glittery fate, where they will be brainwashed like the rest of the League.

All of this speaks to the meta-narrative of the The LEGO Movie 2, which, spoiler alert, picks up years after the first movie.

In the new movie, young boy Finn has carved out his own section of Apocalypseburg in hopes that his sister won't destroy everything like she did when she was younger. At the end of the first film, young Bianca is represented by the "alien" DUPLOs, who attempt to destroy Bricksburg and abduct its citizens.

But now Bianca is older, building her own ideal play place for all of the LEGO figures to live in harmony. She keeps stealing her older brothers toys, including the Justice League, much like any younger sibling would.


These themes of control and family continue to be explored in The LEGO Movie franchise, establishing them as one of the more thoughtful and enjoyable family films being produced today.

The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part is now playing in theaters.