Titans Star Teases Jason Todd's Transformation Into Red Hood

Titans is expected to cover even more of the DC Comics universe in its sophomore season, and fans are reading quite a lot into one cast member's new tease. On Saturday, Curran Walters took to Twitter to share a comic panel of Red Hood, the antihero role associated with his character, Jason Todd.

titans curran walters red hood
(Photo: Curran Walters / Twitter)

The panel does not have a caption or anything really tied to it, but it's certainly made some speculate about what's in store for Jason Todd in Season 2. When he was introduced on Titans, Jason had taken on the role of Batman's Robin in the absence of Dick Grayson (Brenton Thwaites), something that caused a strain between the two young men. Seeing as Walters is set to be a series regular in Season 2, there's no telling exactly where his character will go next.

Of course, Jason's turn as Red Hood is usually associated with his canonical comics death, which happened at the hands of the Joker in the iconic "Death of the Family" arc. The Joker has been confirmed to exist within the world of Titans, and Bruce Wayne/Batman (Iain Glen) is set to appear on screen this season, so it certainly doesn't seem impossible that that could be adapted in some way. Granted, there's always the chance that Titans could remix Jason's storyline in some way, especially considering how much other ground the series is expected to cover.

"I would just love to show the fans the full Jason Todd storyline, but yeah, like you said, you see a roughness [in] Jason... almost sort of a big chip on his shoulder." Walters told ComicBook.com earlier this year. "And you see him transform in the next episode between that fun cocky Jason Todd at the end and then you see him get pretty gnarly, and you know we'll see where his character goes, but I would love to have the comic book fans have what they want."


"You know I read up, my two favorites have to be [Batman] #408 and #409 when [Jason tries to steal] the Batmobile tires and the next one, Batman kind of takes Jason under his wing at at the end and the first time you see Batman call Jason, "Robin," which is awesome." Walters added. "Everything in Jason's story to me is unique. Everything from his relationship with Batman and Dick to, in the comics, becoming Red Hood, which is amazing. So it's all fun. I love every aspect of Jason Todd."

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