Arrow: Laurel Lance Gets a New Costume in Final Season Trailer

The trailer for Arrow's final season just made its debut at San Diego Comic-Con -- and it looks like it included a pretty epic costume upgrade. The footage features a brand new superhero costume for Laurel Lance/Black Canary (Katie Cassidy Rodgers), which you can check out below.

arrow black canary laurel lance new costume
(Photo: The CW)

The new get-up bears quite a lot of resemblance to the late-1990s Black Canary costume, thanks in part to Cassidy Rodgers' short hairstyle. The costume also appears to include quite a lot of undertones of yellow and blue, creating quite a contrast to the all-black costumes Laurel previously wore.

As fans will remember, the show's current version of Laurel actually hails from Earth-2, and initially entered the fold of Arrow and The Flash as the villainous Black Siren. Over time, Laurel came to terms with the trauma and grief that led her down that dark path, and decided to carry on her Earth-1 counterpart's legacy as Black Canary.

It's unclear at this point if this is the costume that Laurel will use throughout Arrow's final season, or will just be part of one of the season's episodes. Given the fact that the trailer showcases the returns of previously dead characters Tommy Merlyn and Adrian Chase, there is always a chance that this version of Laurel is from another timeline or Earth. Given the fact that Laurel wore her old costume in one of Arrow's apocalyptic flash-forward sequences, that could be a possibility.

This new costume comes as Cassidy Rodgers takes on a new role offscreen, with her set to direct an episode of the show's final season.

“Throughout the years I always have wanted to, and I just started shadowing more and shadowing more, and I recently did the Warner Bros. directors’ program, which was incredible,” Cassidy Rodgers revealed earlier this weekend. “It’s going to be fun. I can’t wait to direct all you!”


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Arrow’s final season will begin Tuesday, October 15th, at 9/8c on The CW.