Joker Movie Director Celebrates 6th Weekend of Release With New BTS Photos

It's been over a month since the film premiered in theaters, and Joker is already one of the biggest box office success stories in movie theaters this year. Joaquin Phoenix's role as the iconic Batman villain has resulted in massive ticket sales, praise from fans, and is already generating award buzz for his performance. And to celebrate the film continuing to dominate box offices, director Todd Phillips is sharing new photos from behind the scenes of Joker.

To celebrate the film's sixth week at the box office, Phillips shared a bunch of new photos that showcase Phoenix's dedication to his role as Arthur Fleck.

Phoenix has spoken at length about his approach to the character, though he has admitted that he had to make a lot of changes to his character in order to get the right approach.

"On Joker, I told Todd at the beginning 'the last week I'll get it.' It wasn't quite that but we shot the first...I don't really want to say how many weeks because it's really embarrassing, but several weeks in which there are maybe 3 minutes of that in the movie? I don't know how long but a couple of scenes, because I went in with an idea, a concept of the character. I thought I was really smart. I thought it was really interesting," Phoenix said.

"I found this reference of this guy, this kid who was undergoing psychiatric evaluation," Phoenix said. "I thought his behavior was really interesting and this may be a very good model, and we ended up using some of the look, some of the wardrobe was kind of based on this guy, but I was doing this thing for the first few weeks, that if you saw it you would go 'wait, that's really what we started with and you shot for that long doing that?'"


"I think Todd and I just wanted to push ourselves and go like 'it's okay' and not try and hold anything back," Phoenix said. "Let's go for it and fine let's go for this, and there was a point where we shot for a while and we stepped back and looked at it and realized that it wasn't the right direction."

Joker is now playing in theaters everywhere.

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