Stephen Amell Shares Video Message for Supergirl Finale

11/09/2021 11:53 am EST

Arrow star Stephen Amell took to social media today to share a short video in honor of tonight's series finale of Supergirl. Amell's own series was the first "Arrowverse" show to end, with Black Lightning coming to a close the next season. Now, it's Supergirl that is flying toward its conclusion, and Amell had some kind words for the cast and crew of the series, which joined the Arrowverse officially in its second season after an initial season at CBS that ended with a network change to The CW. Amell shared the screen with Supergirl characters in numerous crossover events over the years.

After telling the cast and crew congratulations and that he was proud of them, Amell had a few words specific to series star Melissa Benoist. He also shared a pithy observation that's likely to get Arrow fans talking (yet again) about that show's own series finale.

"I always enjoyed my time coming onto Supergirl," Amell says in a video you can see below. "It was such a fun tone, such a familial atmosphere, and you guys crushed it. You really did. You should be really, really proud."

Later, he had some kind words specifically for Benoist, saying, "Melissa, my daughter's going to miss you very much. Thank you for everything you did; you inspired a lot of people."

In the middle of all of that, he dropped a seemingly-innocuous comment, but one that some Arrow fans are likely to head to Reddit and Twitter to start debating.

"I just wanted to say congratulations and I want to say enjoy your series finale tonight," Amell said, before adding, "Or try to enjoy it; series finales aren't always the easiest thing to enjoy."

That last piece, of course, could be interpreted as a criticism of Arrow's finale, which is controversial with some fans. While Amell has not voiced displeasure with the series' final episode, some fans were upset that the character died on an episode of The Flash, before Arrow featured a finale in which the title character was dead and any appearances he made were in flashback. Amell's character died in Crisis on Infinite Earths, and then returned later in that event as The Spectre, only to use his cosmic powers to sacrifice himself again to finally bring an end to the Anti-Monitor. The heroic sacrifice had been teased well in advance, since Amell and the producers had jointly decided to end the show at the end of the actor's contract.

The final two episodes of Supergirl air back to back tonight on The CW, beginning at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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