Crisis on Infinite Earths Showrunner Speaks Out on the Next CW Crossover

On Tuesday night, The CW brought a close to the biggest and most ambitious crossover event in network history. Crisis on Infinite Earths bringing put the entire Arrowverse together (along with a horde or notable cameos) for a mulitiverse-hopping adventure that raised the bar for what TV crossovers could be. Of course, fans of the franchise have hundreds of questions following the finale of Crisis, many of which lead back to one central inquiry: Where does the Arrowverse go from here? There's no telling what's next for the Arrowverse shows on an individual level, and the same goes for the trend of annual crossover projects.

What will the next Arrowverse crossover be? Crisis has been in the works for years so it's hard to think that anything even remotely as sizable would arrive any time soon. Will there even be another crossover? TVLine sat down with Crisis architect Marc Guggenheim to talk about what's next for the Arrowverse team-ups.

"I would say I have 'ideas for ideas,' and I've sort of pitched to [The CW CEO] Mark Pedowitz and [executive producer] Greg Berlanti what, if left to my own devices, I would like to see us do," Guggenheim said. "There is a rubric that is semi in place... and both Mark and Greg have signed off on that, and as we go onward, things will get more and more specific. I was emailing Mark just the other day, that we have to all get in a room together to talk about this. We typically do a post mortem about what went right, what went wrong, what did we learn... We always learn something."

There will undoubtedly be another Arrowverse crossover in the near future, probably sometime during the next TV season. However, Guggenheim confirmed that it most definitely won't be as big or groundbreaking as Crisis on Infinite Earths was.

"Look, I hate comparisons to [Avengers:] Endgame, beause it's just not fair - we're working with Endgame's catering budget - but Marvel didn't follow up Endgame with Endgame 2," he explained. "I think you've got to build to an event of this kind. The one thing we're all in agreement on - cast, crew executives, you name it - is that we're not going to go as big next year. In fact, Mark [Pedowitz] and I were talking about 'returning to the roots' of our crossovers, and I'll leave it to people to interpret what that means."


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