Batkid Officially Declared Cancer Free

At a time when news isn't always great, the happiest of reports came from San Francisco on Wednesday night. 10-year-old Miles Scott, known by most around the world as Batkid, has officially been declared free of cancer.

Batkid made headlines back in 2013 when the Make-a-Wish Foundation helped transform him into the superhero he'd always wanted to become. Thousands of people gathered in San Francisco to cheer him on, and the story of Batkid spread around the globe like wildfire. Scott was taken all around the town in a black Lamborghini, stopping to take on criminals and save lives at elaborate scenes that had set up just.

Five years after this epic adventure, Miles has beaten cancer, and we couldn't be happier for him. Check out the announcement in the video below!

"This wish meant closure for our family and an end to over three years of putting toxic drugs in our son's body," Miles' mother, Natalie, told The San Francisco Chronicle.

Even though it was a big social event, Miles really believed that he was the Batkid, and that saving the day was just part of his everyday story.

"He just thought he was doing his job," said Jen Wilson, one of the Make-a-Wish directors who put the citywide event together. "He took his work seriously. He thought Batkid might need to stick around."

She added, "It was an incredibly powerful boost to our organization. Batkid was responsible for that."


Eventually, Batkid's story was told in a documentary, Batkid Begins.

It's certainly a great day in Gotham City, and one that Batkid will likely never forget.