Batman Has Dance Battle With Police, Gets Arrested

'They also called out the Atlanta Law Enforcement and Public Safety agencies to take part in the [...]

Batman Georgia Police
(Photo: Monroe Police Department)

The City of Monroe, Georgia Police Department takes its job seriously, especially when it comes to tracking down and eventually arresting Batman.

The last meeting between the two, however, shoed a much different side of the police (via Channel 12 News Arizona). After they had surrounded Batman, it looked like he was done for. All it took was the Ghost Town DJ's to bring the ordeal to a halt, all so that the crew could get down in a running man challenge.

In fact, the officers get so into the music that Batman almost slips away. While he doesn't escape them, he uses the dance to mystify a detective, all in his quest to spread the dance to cities far and wide. Oh, and take down criminals too, of course.

The video was a fun project for some local Georgia officers, and here is the official description that accompanied the video post.

"The City of Monroe Police Department accepted the challenge to participate in the "running man challenge" movement that is currently going around the country. It is important to remember that law enforcement officers are human and that they do interact together as a family during their time away from their personal families. Finding a small moment, like the one displayed here, to laugh and have fun is a rare opportunity that should be commemorated and not ridiculed in that their efforts are extremely dangerous and constantly have to endure extreme mental and physical stress on a daily basis. Please enjoy and remember to support your local public safety agencies (Fire, EMS, Police, etc.)"

They also called out the Atlanta Law Enforcement and Public Safety agencies to take part in the challenge, so there might be another one of these coming soon.