Batman V Superman Passes Iron Man 2 at Domestic Box Office

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice continues its slow march toward the top ten comic book movies [...]


Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice continues its slow march toward the top ten comic book movies ever at the domestic box office.

It's currently in twelfth place, behind Iron Man but ahead of Iron Man 2. It's likely to pass Iron Man by the end of the weekend.

Batman V Superman has made over $830 million worldwide, but only $312.8 million of that is in North America. That puts it ahead of Iron Man 2's $312.4 million but behind Iron Man's $318.4 million.

To make it into the top ten and stay there, it will likely have to achieve at least $336 million -- enough to pass Spider-Man, which it already has done at the international box office. That's because Batman V Superman has been in theaters for long enough that its domestic weekends are slowing way down, while Marvel's Captain America: Civil War is expected to do huge numbers.

While Batman V Superman passed Captain America: The First Avenger and Captain America: The Winter Soldier with ease, Civil War is being eyed as more of an Avengers sequel than a Captain America one. The presence of Robert Downey, Jr.'s Iron Man is a big factor, since no film that starred him in a principal role has earned less than $300 million domestically and one of those films -- Marvel's The Avengers -- is the highest-grossing comic book movie of all time. That means that it's likely Civil War -- which has stellar reviews so far and no serious competition for its first three weeks at the box office -- could eclipse Batman V Superman's current take. That would mean Dawn of Justice would have to be sitting at the #9 spot all time -- Spider-Man's spot, $3 million better than #10 Guardians of the Galaxy -- to remain in the top ten.

All that said, Batman V Superman continues to roll forward, and it's already the top-grossing Superman film ever made. It's unlikely at this juncture to earn the $449 million necessary to eclipse The Dark Knight Rises at the domestic box office, meaning that unless something unexpected happens, it will likely end its run as the third-highest-grossing DC Comics adaptation at both the domestic and worldwide box office, behind only The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises.

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