Black Lightning Recap With Spoilers: The Pierces Go to Markovia in The Book of Markovia Chapter Four Grab the Strap

black lightning book of markovia chapter 4 recap
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Last week's episode of Black Lightning saw some major changes for the Pierce family. With Lynn (Christine Adams) having been abducted by the Markovians, Jefferson (Cress Williams) found himself agreeing to team up with the ASA in order to save her. Now, with a strike team consisting of Black Lightning's allies as well as the ASA, the fight to save Lynn and stop the Markovians is nigh, though no one knows exactly what sort of threats they'll face in the process. Meanwhile, in Markovian custody, Lynn continues to struggle with an addiction from which there may be no way out. Want to find out what happens next for the Pierce family? Read on for our full-spoiler recap below.

Spoilers for tonight's episode of Black Lightning, "The Book of Markovia: Chapter Four: Grab the Strap," below.

The episode opens with Jefferson sitting, savoring a drink and speaking as he video chats with Gambi. He reflects on how he has been a superhero for 22 years and that he never really liked the name Black Lightning. He also reflects on the current situation with Lynn and he says that he is willing to do whatever it takes -- including kill -- to save her.

At the ASA, Jefferson's team trains and he speaks with Major Grey about their agreement. She is concerned about the readiness of his team and offers her best commandos. He declines. In Markovia, Lynn and Dr. Jace are grilled about progress. Gravedigger (guest star Wayne Brady) shows up and takes over the operations. When Lynn refuses to help him, Gravedigger uses his metahuman powers to compel her to do so.

Back in Freeland, Jen talks with Khalil who is trying to adjust to being back in the world. She asks him to come with them to Markovia and he is reluctant and turns her down. In Markovia, Jace explains Gravedigger's mental domination powers. Lynn demands that Jace give her the drug and she takes a large dose. It lets Lynn override Gravedigger's power over her. At the ASA, the extraction team isn't looking so good with various interpersonal issues.

Jefferson confronts Khalil, who is planning to leave Freeland for good. He's grateful that he is no longer in the ASA registry, but says he'll never be free of Painkiller. Jefferson tells him he'd be an asset in their Markovia mission and that if he ever comes back, the door is always open for him. Elsewhere, Gravedigger tries to force Lynn to work faster, she says she needs his blood. At the ASA, Jefferson is told they need to rescue Tobias as well. After TC interacts with one of the others on the team, Sgt. Grayle is revealed to be spying on them. As the team prepares to leave, Khalil arrives to join them.

Grayle reveals to Jefferson that Major Grey programmed himself and Erica with kill orders if Lynn can't be saved. TC reveals that he deactivated Erica's chip. Brandon is struggling with flying and Khalil uses his martial arts skills to calm Brandon down before he endangers them all. Gambi and Jefferson talk about the mission. Jefferson questions what heroes really are. Gambi tells him he is one.


The mission begins. Grace shapeshifts and gets into the security area. Black Lightning, Thunder, and Erica encounter a door they can't defeat. They locate Lynn and Jace with Brandon going after Jace while Jen goes for Lynn. Erica uses her powers to blast the door physically out of the way. Lynn, having given herself Gravedigger's powers, frees herself from the control device and forces her captor to lead her out. Khalil comes face to face with Gravedigger. They fight.

Black Lightning rescues Tobias, who taunts him in the process. Brandon goes to kill Jace, but Grayle stops him. Gravedigger shoots Black Lightning. Jen rescues Lynn and Gravedigger shows up right as they are preparing to leave and Lynn agrees to go with him. However, Black Lightning shows up at the last moment and stops Gravedigger by brutally shocking him. The family reunited, everyone gets on the helicopter and goes home.