Future State: The Next Batman Features Debut of New Villain Gang

DC's Future State event has officially begun, providing a window into some unexpected corners of the newly-established DC multiverse. In addition to following mainstays in DC's canon, the event has seen a handful of new faces take over iconic mantles -- most notably, Tim Fox as Batman. In this week's Future State: The Next Batman, fans got to see exactly what Tim's fight as the Caped Crusader looks like, and it included the introduction of a surprising new group of adversaries. Spoilers for Future State: The Next Batman #1, from John Ridley, Nick Derington, Tamra Bonvillain, and Clayton Cowles below! Only look if you want to know!

As the beginning of the issue showcases Tim's reign as Batman - and the unique relationship he has with the Gotham City Police Department - we are soon shown one of the threats he's going up against. In the Little Santa Prisca neighborhood, readers are introduced to a new gang of villains, who are trying to recruit a group of kids into their group. The members of the group are all referred to as the "Bane-Litos" by one of the kids.

future state the next batman 1 bane litos
(Photo: DC Entertainment)

As the issue goes on, the Bane-Litos try to initiate their new members, by shooting and attacking a random man on the street. Batman quickly intervenes, sending the group into a state of disarray.

Batman then tracks down the two kids, telling them to remove their masks if they want to survive a potential run-in with the Peacekeepers. They don't listen, and the authorities arrive -- causing Tim to create a diversion and take the kids to safety, promising to turn them over to Children's Services.

The introduction of the Bane-Litos is definitely an unexpected and clever part of The Next Batman's worldbuilding, and what it is trying to set up for the overall Future State line. Given the fact that Bane has been tormenting Gotham pretty profoundly throughout the majority of the previous Rebirth run of Batman, the idea that he inspired a gang in Gotham's potential neo-noir future is definitely unsurprising. What significance it could have on Bane himself - and his role in Future State and the forthcoming Infinite Frontier initiative - remain to be seen.


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