DC Reveals What the Teen Titans Have Been Doing To Villains

Adam Glass and Bernard Chang's run on Teen Titans has been a wild ride, and the latest issue keeps the twists and turns coming. The latest issue sees the team crossing a major line in their fight against various villains. Robin's team has been fractured in the wake of their fight against Lobo and some of the members of the team have tried to step away for good.

Unease and distrust are on the rise amongst the Teen Titans. When the rest of the team figures out what Robin and Djinn have been up to, everyone is going to plenty to say on the subject. The leader of the Titans has been letting the magic-user alter villains memories in order to "help" them live more productive, peaceful lives outside of committing crimes. But, he's enacting his plans without the entire team aware that this is what has been happening to their adversaries.

(Photo: DC Entertainment)

Damian Wayne rationalizes his decision by musing about his father's 'failed' war on crime in Gotham. He points to how easily Batman's villains are discharged from Arkham Asylum without any resistance and wants to avoid a similar revolving door for his enemies. Rehabilitating evil-doers is one thing, but the methods Robin is using are at the least dubious and at the worst downright unethical.

Mammoth and Shimmer have a run-in with the Titans after being involved in a human trafficking ring. Robin is immediately curious how two relatively low-level criminals ended up involved in such a big operation without any previous ties to crimes like this. When he doesn't get the answers he's looking for, he lets Djinn do her worst while he rides the elevator back upstairs to keep tabs on the other bad guys that have already been let out into the world with no knowledge of their villainous ways.

(Photo: DC Entertainment)

Unfortunately for the Titans, Lobo has been freed from the rough shape they left him in a couple of issues back by Lex Luthor. Since this is still the "Year of the Villain", Lex has an offer for The Main Man and that can only spell bad things for the team. This huge secret villain rewiring scheme looks like it will come to light at the worst possible time for the Teen Titans.

Lobo still has a bone to pick with his daughter Crush after all this time. Luthor's offer included a plan to take her free will out of the equation. The other Titans will have to band together to help one of their own overcome that hostile team-up. Red Arrow has said she still doesn't want to help at all after being responsible for taking Deathstroke out of the picture. Maybe someone else from the team's past will come to the team's aid? Things are shaping up to become even more morally grey for the Teen Titans going forward.