League of Super-Pets Producer Breaks Down How DC and Dwayne Johnson Teamed Up for Animated Project

Legion of Super-Pets' producer laid out how Dwayne Johnson teamed up with DC Comics for the animated projects. Hiram Garcia took some time to speak with Comicbook.com about the upcoming film. The Rock has been a busy man wrangling all these different roles all over Hollywood. This isn't even the only DC Comics role he's taking on for the next year. (Black Adam is poised to make a huge splash this weekend at San Diego Comic-Con.) But, Garcia says that these kinds of family films are a priority for the former WWE Champion and his creative team. Fun ways to tell stories are a type of currency in the movie business right now. People are always down to see any of these less-traveled angles of their favorite franchises right now. So, the time and the project seemed like the perfect opportunity for all parties involved.

"We love DC, so it's always been a priority for me, Dany [Garcia], Dwayne [Johnson], to do as much as we can and be able to tell stories in this space," Garcia said. "So right around the time when we were filming Red Notice, I got a call from our agent and it was funny. He goes, 'Look, there's something going on over here that these guys are working on. And are you familiar that Superman's got a dog?' I'm like Krypto, of course I know Superman's got a dog. ... There's an understanding there."

"So I was fired up right away when I realized that there was an opportunity to tell the story of the League of Super-Pets and kind of get into this deep cut, if you would, in the DC Universe," he continued. "Being able to tell the story about the pets of these great superheroes, right?"

"And ... you're always looking for fun ways to tell stories about characters that the world's familiar with, but the perspective from their pets was really intriguing. And obviously, we were working on Black Adam, which is a tone in itself where it's very edgy. It's a bit dark, aggressive. And we liked the idea of being able to tell a story that was on the other side of the spectrum, a little bit more family oriented, kid-friendly, something that the adults can get but still play strong for the kids," he added. 

The producer continued, "And we felt like we had a really good opportunity with that with DC League of Super-Pets. And they had a great team that was already assembled: [director] Jared Stern, Patty Hicks, who's the producer over there that became a producing partner on this. And before you know it, we were deep in it assembling this great team of amazing voice characters to bring this world to life."

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