'Gotham's Most Disturbing Villain's Origin Revealed in Shocking Finale Twist

WARNING: Major Spoilers ahead for the midseason finale of Gotham! Continue reading at your own risk...

As Gotham's fall finale came to a close on Thursday night, Sofia Falcone (Crystal Reed) revealed the most shocking revelation of the season. The crime boss' daughter was responsible for Professor Pyg's reign of terror in Gotham City.

When Jim (Ben McKenzie) confronted Sofia about her attack on Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor), the missing pieces started falling into place. Lazlo Valentin (Michael Cerveris), who had killed dirty cops and cooked homeless people into pies under the identity of Professor Pyg, wasn't just a psychotic serial killer with a flair for the dramatic. The man was apparently known for getting paid to mimic serial killers, and Sofia hired him to take on Penguin and the GCPD. The Pyg was all an act.

Sofia also revealed that she is the one who set up the hit on her own father, although she made it look as though Penguin had ordered the murder. This gave her a logical motive to continue pursuing the villain.

Jim was obviously beside himself, and he lost what little trust he had left in Sofia. In a move perhaps even more shocking than the reveal itself, Sofia shot Lazlo in the head, without warning, forcing Jim's hand.

Sadly, as Jim confirmed later in the episode, Pyg is definitely dead. The story is over for Gotham's most unique and disturbing villain to-date.

However, evil will continue to rule Gotham when the show returns in the Spring. In addition to Sofia's new-found power in the underworld, Jerome Valeska (Cameron Monaghan) has returned to action, teaming up with Penguin in Arkham Asylum.


It seems, in Gotham City, that chaos will always prevail.