'Gotham' Recap With Spoilers - 'The Blade's Path'

Jim argues with Harvey about Ra's al Ghul, trying to make sure he stays in prison. At Wayne Manor, Bruce still blames himself for Alex's death at the hands of al Ghul. He's been looking through Winthrop's notes and thinks he has figured out how to use the dagger. Alfred reminds Bruce of his vow not to kill anyone. They put the dagger away and head to Alex's funeral.

Jim is at the funeral and he tells Alfred to keep the secret of Ra's al Ghul's prison location a secret. Bruce overhears this, and retrieves the dagger later that night.

At Black Gate, Barbara visits Ra's and he uses the opportunity to say goodbye to her. The two touch hands on opposite sides of the glass, and it's clear that Ra's passed some kind of energy to Barbara. He says that she'll find out what it is eventually.

At a swamp, Indian Hill chemicals bubble, and Solomon Grundy rises from the water. Grundy attacks a group of men by Slaughter Swamp and he hears a song playing. Grundy steals their clothes and begins walking toward Gotham.

Penguin and his lawyer are talking about the success rate of Pax Penguina, but Oswald says it's not good enough. Sofia Falcone shows up and invites him to lunch.

Nygma is seeing a doctor, illegally, trying to figure out how to fix his brain. The doctor stabs him in the hand but then realizes that Riddler's gun is fake and he actually wasn't being threatened. Nygma runs into Grundy on the street and recognizes him as Butch. Grundy knocks him out saying, "Man talk too much," and throws him over his shoulder.

Alfred finds Jim to tell him that Bruce has run off to Black Gate to try and kill Ra's. They take off after him, but Bruce is already there. He sneaks into al Ghul's cell. He takes out the dagger while Ra's lays in his bed, but realizes he can't kill him. Ra's begins beating Bruce. The prison guards were working with Ra's and they take Bruce away.

Alfred and Jim show up at Black Gate and the guards say that Bruce hasn't been there. One of the offices told someone on the radio that the men were there.

Nygma wakes up in an alley and Grundy appears. He calls himself Solomon Grundy and Nygma tries to figure out what happened. He apologizes when Grundy says that he doesn't know who he was or what happened to him. Grundy stops Nygma from leaving and tells him that he must be his friend. Nygma says he can't help because his brain isn't working but Grundy offers him a hot dog to make him feel better.

Bruce is in an ancient basement with Ra's. The ancient man tells the boy the story of the dagger. Ra's says he wants Bruce to be his heir, that he needs Bruce to kill him and end his suffering.

The men that Grundy robbed have shown up to beat him up and take their clothes back but he puts them all out. Grundy's arm is on fire from the encounter and Nygma helps him. He makes Nygma feel smart.

Sofia and Penguin meet for lunch. She gets him to try the goulash and, after he takes a bite, he realizes it's his mother's recipe and leaves abruptly. Jim and Alfred are walking through Black Gate with a couple of guards. Jim starts to realize that these men aren't the real guards, and he and Alfred take out the group escorting them.

Sofia visits Penguin and he freaks out because she had his mother's recipe. The two talk about their parents before Penguin's foot starts acting up. He says it's the weather, but Sofia wants to help him. She warms up his ankle and reminds him of his mother.

Ra's al Ghul continues to try and tell Bruce that he needs to kill him with the dagger. He threatens Bruce by saying he will return to Gotham and kill everyone he loves, and this is enough to get Bruce to stab Ra's with the dagger. Ra's turns into a dusty skeleton just as Jim and Alfred arrive.

Bruce is beating himself up for betraying his parents and taking a life. Jim says that he can still be a good man, and one act doesn't change that. When Bruce gets home, he wants to burn his suit since he killed Ra's. Alfred tells Bruce that he was right before, and that he can do good things for the city. He takes the suit, and he tells Bruce that it will be waiting for him when he's ready.

Grundy tells Nygma that, since they're friends, he needs to hear the truth about where he comes from. Nygma convinces Grundy to help him get smart again and that they'll figure out what happened to him later.


Nygma takes Grundy to an underground fighting ring so they can make money. He introduces himself to the fight coordinator as Grundy's manager. They call for the doctor, and Lee Thompkins turns around at the bar.