James Gunn Has Perfect Response to Fan's Outrage Over Henry Cavill's Superman Exit

DC Studios head James Gunn is responding to the continued fan backlash over Henry Cavill's Superman no longer being part of the DC Universe movie franchise. Things got ugly over on Gunn's Instagram page: the filmmaker was simply trying to celebrate his pet cat Emily in a photo post, which didn't stop angry DC fans (read: Snyderverse fans) from once again attacking Gunn, his co-head at DC Studios Peter Safran, and the entire new DCU plan... that nobody has seen yet.

IG user "@edgedmoon1141" had this choice comment for James Gunn:  "F*** your cat dude. You pissed off an entire franchise worth of fans. Nobody gives a rats ass about your cat. #Cavilisclark"

James Gunn didn't miss a beat in his response, slyly reminding @Edge[Lord]Moon1141 that "It'd be great if at the very least you knew how to spell an actor's name if you were going to be so outraged."

If you missed it the first time through, @edgedmoon1141 indeed did spell Henry CaviLL as 'Henry CaviL.' Sure, the angry DC fan probably does know how to spell Henry Cavill's name the right way – only in his enraged finger-slaps of the keyboard he messed it up. In that sense, Gunn's point still holds as being valid: If you're going to be angry enough to tweet a 'F*ck your pet!' message to a famous filmmaker, you may as well take the time to spellcheck the message itself – and certainly the name of the person you are enraged about. Seems prudent. 


The sustained backlash over Henry Cavill's Superman is more understandable than most DC outrage. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's Black Adam officially re-introduced Cavill's Superman, after the character had lingered in limbo for years; The Rock even had a potential "Black Adam vs. Superman" movie in the works. However, after Black Adam underperformed at the box office, Warner Bros. Discovery launched DC Studios and plans for a rebooted universe – without Cavill's Superman or The Rock's Black Adam. It was a moment that greatly undermined fan confidence in the DC movie franchise, seeing Cavill brought in and then sent right back out the door... 

At this time, James Gunn is writing a script for a new Superman reboot film within the new DC Universe franchise – with a new actor playing Superman. And, as you can clearly see above, he'll be catching flack for it from the first word to the last. 

Fans are still expecting some major DC Universe announcements early this year.