James Gunn Celebrates Peacemaker's UK Release With Behind-the-Scenes Photos

The HBO Max original series Peacemaker is finally available in the UK, and creator James Gunn is celebrating its arrival with new behind-the-scenes photos from the set. While fans in the United States have been able to follow the adventures of John Cena's antihero on HBO Max, residents in the UK were forced to wait until March 22nd for the opportunity to view it. Thankfully, Sky TV and NOW have begun to air Peacemaker, which has already been confirmed for a second season. The new photos shared by Gunn are now icing on the Eagly cake for patient UK fans.

The first photo from Gunn takes place in the Season 1 finale, as Peacemaker and his team fought the butterfly-controlled police officers on the cow farm. "Watch all episodes of Season 1 of #Peacemaker NOW in the UK/Ireland on @skytv & @now! (Or watch it again in the States & around the world on @hbomax & other fine streaming services)," Gunn tweeted. The shot is also cringe-worthy, as Peacemaker's shield rests in the ground after impaling an attacker. Photo #2 features John Cena's Peacemaker and Freddie Stroma's Adrian Chase/Vigilante.

One of the many highlights from the Peacemaker finale involved the surprise cameo by Justice League members Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, and Aquaman. Gunn revealed there's still a ton of unused footage of the Justice League that was never used, which revolved around Ezra Miller's sexual jokes at Aquaman's expense. "I have tons of stuff I didn't use," Gunn told Total Film magazine. "Ezra went on – and I'm not kidding – for 16 minutes about Aquaman having sex with fish. It was really funny."

The filmmaker has also confirmed he's developing another DC project after he's done working on Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, but Gunn may be working on a second DC entity to go along with Peacemaker. Gunn was a guest of podcaster Neil Vagg ahead of Peacemaker's UK premiere. Vagg released a snippet of their discussion, where Gunn ended the conversation by referencing the possibility of a third DC project in development. 

They started off by talking about where the Season 1 finale leaves Peacemaker, along with his relationships with Emilia Harcourt (Jennifer Holland), other members of the team, and his own villainous father played by Robert Patrick. "I know where it goes emotionally and we're figuring out the plot stuff," Gunn teased about Season 2. "Frankly, I'm working on another DC thing, and maybe another one. So we've got a couple of different things we're trying to balance with the story." 

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