Ray Fisher Reveals Which Villains He'd Like To See In 'Cyborg' Solo Movie

Justice League will introduce fans to Ray Fisher's portrayal of Victor Stone/Cyborg. But when the [...]

Justice League will introduce fans to Ray Fisher's portrayal of Victor Stone/Cyborg. But when the character returns in his upcoming solo venture, Fisher already knows which villains he'd like to face off against.

In a recent interview with Popcorn Talk, Fisher discussed his hopes for the Cyborg solo film, which is still in the very early days of preproduction. But when Cyborg hits the big screen, Fisher would like to be able to take on the Phantom Limbs.

"With this kind of story, I'd love to see it be a little bit more intimate, a little bit more specific to Cyborg." Fisher explained. "There is a sort of Cyborg special that they had done years ago where he fights a group called Phantom Limbs, which is this mercenary group of cybernetically-enhanced individuals who are very much like him. I think seeing him take on people who have similar abilities but [are] a much more finely-tuned group of warriors – seeing how that all would turn out, I think would be really special."

If you haven't heard of the Phantom Limbs, that's okay. As Fisher explained, the group appeared in only two DC Comics issues, in 2008's DC Special: Cyborg. The group was aided by S.T.A.R. Labs - a place that already has significant ties to Victor's DCEU origin - to carry out secretive black ops missions, with Victor tasked with taking them down.

Not only would the group provide a unique foe for Victor to go up against, but it would provide even more representation of characters with disabilities, something that Fisher has been excited to bring onto the big screen.

"I've had lots of fans who come out and say 'Listen, I can relate to Cyborg because I lost a limb,' or 'I have this cochlear implant,'" Fisher said in an interview last month. "It's one of those things when you actually start seeing it, when you actually start hearing about it, that made Cyborg more relevant to me than I think he ever had been up to that point."

The Cyborg film has not received a lot of updates thus far, although the film will reportedly still debut in 2020. In the meantime, Fisher's first true outing as Cyborg can be seen in Justice League on November 17, 2017.