'Justice League': The Flash Gets a Motion Poster

Justice League hits theaters a month from today and ahead of the superhero film's debut fans are getting a new look at The Flash in a brand-new motion poster for the film.

Like Aquaman before him, The Flash (Ezra Miller) is getting the spotlight this week and this latest motion poster reveals the speedster both as Central City College student Barry Allen and his heroic self. You can check out the motion poster from the official Justice League movie Twitter account below.

While it's always nice to see more of The Flash considering that speed is his superpower the motion poster is surprisingly still. The only real motion is the lightning-bolt reveal of his in-costume face -- a slick nod to the character's iconic symbol.

Of course, with the film hitting theaters in just a few weeks fans will get a chance to see The Flash in action at full speed soon and that speed doesn't just apply to how fast he can move. the DC Extended Universe's version of Barry Allen is as fast with his mind as he is on his feet. A photo from a Justice League event in the Philippines recently revealed that the character's wit is a big part of the character.

"Barry's remarkably quick wit is surpassed only by his ability to move at hyper-speed," the photo's text read.

How Barry's quick wit will play with some of the older, more serious members of the Justice League (we're looking at you, Batman) is sure to bring some levity to the team's otherwise serious task of saving the world from Steppenwolf and he comes to Earth with his Parademons in search of three Apokoliptian Mother Boxes,


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Justice League opens in theaters on November 17, 2017.