Kevin Smith Would Love To Direct An Episode Of Supergirl


Ever since Kevin Smith directed a highly acclaimed episode of CW's The Flash last season, the discussions of getting him more involved with the DC TV universe have picked up on social media. He has expressed interest in writing Arrow and will be returning to The Flash for its third season to direct another episode.

While talking on his Fatman on Batman podcast, Smith sounds like he would love to diversify his DC hero resume.

"I'll go there in a heartbeat," Smith says about directing an episode of Arrow. He didn't stop there, though.

"I heard whispers of Supergirl, as well," Smith says. "I would love to go up there especially now that it's on CW and you get to cross reference the other shows and shit like that."

Smith was likely referring to "whispers" from fans on social media rather than showrunners or producers on Supergirl, though the possibility certainly exists. He already has a funny idea of how to incorporate Grant Gustin's Barry Allen into the episode. "Just borrow Grant for like a scene and run in and give her ice cream," Smith jokes.


Supergirl will air its first season on the CW prior to debuting its entire second season on its new network starting in the fall.

Would you like to see Kevin Smith direct an episode of Supergirl?