'Legends of Tomorrow': Courtney Ford Wants a Scene Between Nora and Constantine

When DC's Legends of Tomorrow returns to the airwaves this fall, newly-minted series regular [...]

When DC's Legends of Tomorrow returns to the airwaves this fall, newly-minted series regular Courtney Ford, who plays Nora Darhk on the show, hopes that her character finds herself in the position to share a scene or two with John Constantine (Matt Ryan).

The pair are, along with Jes Macallan, recurring guests from the fan-favorite third season who have been promoted to regulars in time for season four. While Nora is the continuation of a storyline that started with the beginning of season two, though, Ford thinks that Constantine has the potential to be a real curveball.

"With Constantine!" Ford answered without hesitation when we asked whether there was someone she might want to play off of. "I think he's such a wild card. Everyone's really excited to see what happens when you put him with…anybody who's in the cast. What does he bring out? The flavor that he adds and the energy that he adds."

Damien Darhk, who was a key villain in the show's second and third seasons, was first introduced on Arrow, where he had a young daughter. By the time Nora showed up on Legends, she was a time-displaced and fully-grown version, bitter at a life lived without her father's company while he chased immortality. Now, with Damien dead and Nora in possession of the Time Stone, the universe is her oyster.

Which, of course, is unlikely to sit well with Constantine, who is already a bit frustrated by the serpentine path the Legends took to defeating the time demon Mallus in the first place.

Mallus's possession of Nora proved to be a game-changer in the season 3 finale, with the team needing to defeat the demon -- and Damien Darhk -- while freeing his daughter from Mallus's influence. How did they do it? Well, in true Legends fashion, they called him out of his centuries-long excommunication from reality in order to kill him, which means that by destroying that one threat, they opened up a whole, wider universe of other threats which will serve as some of the menaces faced by the Legends in season four. Constantine, who pays attention to that sort of thing, showed up on the beach in Aruba at the end of the season to call them out for their carelessness and invite himself along for the next, inevitable, ride.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow returns to Monday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW this October.