Legends of Tomorrow Showrunner Reveals Name for Zari's Season 5 Problem

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow are a team that is constantly in flux and Zari Tomaz might be at the top of the list for changes. Now, people are wondering if the character’s big problem will get handled in Season 5. Executive producer Keto Shimizu talked to TVLine about the prospect of getting those memories back here sometime soon. The producer’s comments will likely raise some eyebrows among fans of the show who have been waiting for this development. (Donuts anyone?) After all, Arrow ended up giving Mia Smoak her’s back through inter-reality shenanigans. Could the same be in store for Zari? Well, it seems like a resolution is coming even if Shimizu can’t give all the details. As is customary on Legends, it all comes down to time.

“Later on in the season, we give it a name: It’s a temporal echo,” he explained. “And that will play into some important moments in the season.”

So, for starters, the end of season four of The CW show saw Zari vanish from the team. But, it wasn’t the work of any villain and instead stemmed from positive changes to the future the character came from. That dystopian future was no more and as a result, poof. Her parents and brother didn’t perish, so she never became a totem bearer or joined the team in the first hand. That left Behrad, her brother, a Legend. She made her re-entry to the show in this season’s "Miss Me, Kiss Me, Love Me.” That entry saw Behrad and Nate head to the near future to celebrate Behrad's father's birthday. In the commotion by her and Nate realizing a previous connection, she ends up on board. Showrunner Phil Kemmer told Entertainment weekly about that surprise.


“Zari 2.0, for the last two years, has been running her giant media empire and personal brand like a Kardashian, while her brother’s been running around secretly saving the world,” Klemmer shared. “The cruel irony is that all Zari 1.0 wanted was for her brother not to die and her parents not to die and her future to not be this terrible, intolerant place, and she succeeded at all those things, but despite all of the things she fixed, their relationship isn’t as great as it is between many siblings. She was like a child star, effectively, and Behrad had to live under her shadow.”

Legends of Tomorrow airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW.